Site-Four is the newest in a chain of data centers in network of CUSOs. It is a CUSO in itself and it is the brain child of Services Center Federal Credit Union in cooperation with CU*Answers, CU*South and CU*Northwest. Originally designed to house the processing system for Services Center Federal Credit Union, it quickly became apparent to network partners that this state-of-the-art data center could be leveraged across multiple organizations. Site-Four was built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, incorporation geothermal technology, redundant and dual energy backup infrastructure, a high availability production redundancy system, and dual dedicated fiber optic communications pipelines. The main facility houses the production system which three credit unions utilize to run the core data processing system CU*BASE. Site-Four is located in Yankton, South Dakota, with a high availability backup system located in the CU*Answers Data Center in Kentwood, MI.