On the Inside – Historical Perspective

Site Four: Beginning as a unique experiment, Site-Four was built from a need to innovate and driven by a national core of cooperative sponsors. Staffed by a personally dedicated team of data center professionals we are focused on core processing, business continuity services, and secure equipment housing.  Focusing on our cooperative foundation and vision to become a progressive local firm and employer, our regional presence will be established and Site-Four will become recognized as a national ASP Provider including facility related components and activities that support the implementation, maintenance, operation and enhancements associated with credit union data centers and cooperative service firms.

We continue to invest time in research, testing and development of our services but it is our dedication to designing effective data center environments, business continuity and innovation that keeps our customers in business year after year. In alignment with our cooperative business model, innovation exchange with the cuasterisk.com network enables Site-Four to exceed expectations for a robust ecosystem, secure network, backup, and data storage solution. Our networking and business continuity services help you to reduce costs, drive innovation and customer experience all the while knowing your critical operations are protected.

Site-Four has been registered with the State of South Dakota as a limited liability corporation, effective January 2012. An Operating Agreement, a Board of Managers, and a Private Placement Agreement are all in place.

Site-Four in the Community

Yankton County, home of Site-Four, is attributed as one the best places to live in South Dakota. Living in Yankton offers residence a dense suburban feel.  You will find us relaxing together at one of the vibrant local restaurants, enjoying our historical downtown and escaping to one of our beautiful parks.

A trip to Yankton inspires visitors to explore their inner Lewis and Clark by traveling to the nearby Black Hills National Forest. Home to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorials.

Site-Four works with businesses, universities, schools, and credit unions in South Dakota inspiring students and young professionals to experience technology and entrepreneurship.

Cooperative Business Design

Site-Four is a proud member of the cuasterisk.com. A collaborative network of credit union service organizations (CUSOs), including CU*Answers, CU*South, CU*Northwest, Xtend and eDOC Innovations. This collaborative leverages the power and effectiveness of a network of business partners committed to coming together to provide a wide variety of services to credit unions at disruptive CUSO prices.

Participation in a collaborative network and management of the network strategy takes both entrepreneurial and management skills sets unique to the credit union environment. cuasterisk.com has a proven history of leadership in the collaborative and multi-credit union CUSO business model. The free flow of entrepreneurial spirit must be nurtured by the proven practice of principles of open governance and a demonstrated incubation model that allows for innovation and new ideas to be exposed to a process that encourages rigorous review and evaluation during the development process while encouraging the pursuit of business initiatives that challenge the norm. Site-Four stands as an example of how cooperative business design can create operational efficiencies and data center innovation, providing service bureau offerings for multiple credit-union owned organizations and businesses.

The footprint of this network reaches over 600 credit unions nationwide. The network promotes the principles of collaboration, innovation, and cooperation, to allow credit unions to roll out new services faster to market and at a lower cost.


Our Future

The purpose of Site-Four is to provide operational support, knowledge, products, facilities, and services that help our clients execute their business strategies in an effective, secure, and consistent manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In other words, keep credit unions open for business.

Through marketing our national service capabilities we will become “landlords” well known for shared value facilities strengthening our business. Thru the successes of Site-Four’s model for cooperatively owned facilities, local partners prosper and become known as sponsors for local innovation and business development.   As our sponsor SCFU can be touted as a sponsor for local innovation and business development and at the helm of the CUSO Network community pushing for success.


Derrick Smith,  CU*South – Chariman

Dave Wordhouse, CU*Answers – Vice-Chairman

Leslie Johnson,  CU*NorthWest

April Tompkins, Explorers FCU