Site-Four Technology
Site-Four is a CUSO Data Center/Processing facility that introduces capabilities related to disaster recover and business continuity services, particularly with IBM System i. Site-Four includes a state-of-the-art Operations center providing on-site and secure remote cross-country daily operations capabilities, data replication and high availability services, managed hosting and co-location services, and on site administrators and operations staff.

Site-Four has been registered with the State of South Dakota as a limited liability corporation, effective as off January 2012. An Operating Agreement, a Board of Managers, and a Private Placement Agreement are all in place.

The Site-Four Center Features:

  • A very robust and storm-hardened physical infrastructure
  • Redundant internet communications, video surveillance
  • Electronic key security
  • Remote monitoring
  • FH 200 fire suppression
  • Redundant Geo-thermal cooling
  • Backup power grid (network UPS and Genset)
  • Full-blown “war room” for recovery operations and test exercises is also featured
  • SSAE 16 Certified

A New Kind of Data Center
Site-Four came from the idea of a fourth facility to add to CU*Answers current 3-site configuration and the idea grew in scope. The Site-Four center was envisioned to function as:

  • A CUSO Data Center for everything a computer can do, from one shared location
  • A Resource for Facilities Management Services
  • A Resource for Business Recovery and Hot Site Services
  • A Resource for Archiving and Data Storage Services

Site-Four is Flexibility
Because of the flexibility built into our network and the skill set of Site-Four operations, Site-Four solutions can use any of the following general approaches:

  • Shared Operation: Perhaps you want to focus on the business driven by your operations, not your operations as a business. Site-Four can integrate you into their shared operations environment using “robot operator” automation in combination with client-specific instructions. Scheduling, documentation, audition and reporting are handled by our experts. Tools are provided to allow complete visibility to back office operations. immediate response from our support channels and a set status and performance reports will keep you connected.
  • Tailored Operation: Collocation facilities are everywhere and readily available in any market, but Site-Four adds yet another layer of value to your facilities management strategy. Our team can not only house your servers but can also add operational resources from a stable and redundant operator pool to do the work. Let our specialist work with you not only to implement and perform your day to day operations tasks, but also to help you with business continuity and disaster recovery options that leverage existing facilities in our network.
  • Recovery Operations: Site-Four not only offers options for housing and monitoring your recovery servers but can also help you design a recovery operations plan, and provide standby operations resources and capabilities. We will participate in every exercise and become a part of your extended team – just in case.
  • Remote Operations: Site-Four offers remote operations services and can remotely perform the work of your operations team, allowing them to focus on other areas of your business. In addition to providing highly trained operations resources, Site0Four gives you peace of mind by stabilizing your operations labor pool, distributing these resources through network aggregation and building layered redundancy across the country. As a permanent strategy or supplement, Site-Four strengthens your design.